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An ancient legend used to be told in Native communities across all reaches of Mother Earth. It is perhaps the most primordial story, and may have been told for as long as people have existed. It is the legend of the Original Instructions.

While there may be subtle variations to the legend, the fundamental story is remarkably consistent:

When the Creator first placed people on this earth, it gave us the Original Instructions. At the core of these Instructions lies the key to discovering and maintaining a direct relationship with our Creator, and the secret to experiencing the most sacred knowledge that one can know in this lifetime.

Within the knowledge of the Original Instructions lies the secret to living in harmony with all things, including with ourselves, our Creator, our families, our villages, our nations, and with Mother Earth and the universe around us.

This legend also claims that people began to lose track of the Original Instructions a very long time ago, and that we have been growing more and more distant from this most vital and fundamental knowledge ever since.

The story declares that nearly all the maladies that have befallen the human race as nations, tribes, communities, and individuals, are the result of losing the Original Instructions. It teaches that nearly all our sufferings are due to the demise of this priceless knowledge.

And finally, this legend proclaims that to rediscover this knowledge is to fulfill the deepest purpose of human life.

Something strange has happened to the human race since our arrival. The knowledge of the Original Instructions has all but disappeared. A precious few still protect and teach the philosophy and lifeways of reverence for all life, and living in balance with Mother Earth. Yet, the most sacred and essential teaching of the Original Instructions, that is, the doorway to the greatest secret and the greatest gift, would seem to be all but lost.

Many First People of the Americas have also shared and believed in this legend. And it is here that recent events clearly reveal that all might not have been lost. Quite the contrary. The time is at hand for a most amazing rediscovery.

I invite you to take a journey with the characters in this book as we embark upon a quest to seek out and rediscover the Original Instructions. And for those with a sincere heart and open mind, you will not return empty handed.

The Original Instructions is a fictional story inspired by and woven through real events in recent history. Allow yourself to be summoned by the call, and decide for yourself what is fiction and what is truth.

— MG Adams

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