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Mark Adams

MG Adams directs teams that design and build exhibits, immersive storytelling environments and media productions for Native American tribal museums, nature centers, natural and cultural history museums, science centers and children’s museums.

Over the last 23 years Mr. Adams has filled a variety of staff positions in these endeavors. Clients have included the Barona Band of Mission Indians, the Southern Ute Tribe, the Jackson Rancheria (Miwuk Indians), the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the California Science Center, the Arizona Science Center, the Phoenix Museum of History, the Chabot Observatory and Space Science Center, the Los Angeles Children’s Museum, the San Francisco Maritime Museum, and numerous other history museums, science centers and nature centers.

Before entering his current field, Mr. Adams had a successful career in marketing and advertising, working with marketing companies, daily newspapers and direct mail firms. Over time he found his career lacked a personal sense of satisfaction, and he eventually worked his way into his current profession.

The story behind The Original Instructions

Mr. Adams had a series of extraordinary experiences that profoundly impacted his life as a young man in the early 1970s. These – for the lack of a better word - spiritual experiences permanently altered his perception of the world and universe, and have continued to evolve his understanding of life, self knowledge and the Creator.

In the late 1970s Mr. Adams started to see a story unfold while hiking. As an avid solo hiker, this story continued to grow and evolve each time he set out over the hills and mountains of California. According to Mr. Adams, “it was like seeing individual scenes in a movie. And the more I hiked, the more I saw.”

It took some time, but in 2004 he was finally compelled to take action on the story that had continued to visit him for nearly 30 years. He started jotting down notes while hiking. In 2006 he began typing and organizing the notes, and soon a fascinating story was unfolding.

Mr. Adams realized the epic adventure was pointing the way toward an ancient knowledge of self discovery and inner peace, and was meant to be shared with others. The result is his first novel, The Original Instructions, which lays the foundation for a series of books to follow.

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